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Our Repeater Tower
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*** Jesse W. Porter, W4DNS (SK) & Harold Levy  N3UY (SK) Obit in Link on menu on left ***

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The next FPARC meeting is Wednesday, August 14th, 2024 at Indian River State College, 3209 Virginia Ave, Ft. Pierce, Classroom Building "R", Room 124.

The meeting starts at 7:30 PM. All area hams and interested parties are welcome and invited to attend. 
Club members may get together for diner before the meeting at 6:15pm. Please inquire at our weekly club nets to see who plans to be there.

St. Lucie County ARES Meeting - July 2024

The next meeting of St. Lucie County ARES will take place on WEDNESDAY, JULY 17 , 2024 at 7:00 pm. This meeting will take place at the County Emergency Operations Center on West Midway Rd at fairgrounds. We will be discussing the 2024 hurricane season and operating Winlink.                                   
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Effective July 1st at 12:00pm ET / 16:00 UTC Logbook of The World® (LoTW®) has returned to service. Large log processing can take some time to process.  Some LoTW functionality is not working at 100%, but the road to recovery is proceeding. (Please see July 12th, 2024 update below.)
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Hurricane communication frequencies used by countries go here.
St. Lucie County ARES Frequencies go here.
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Update July 9th 2024 - Colorado State University extended range forecast of Atlantic Seasonal Hurricane Activity and Landfall Strike Probability

According to Colorado State University's extended range forecast of the Atlantic Seasonal Hurricane Activity and Land Fall Strike Probability they maintain their forecast for an extremely active Atlantic hurricane season in 2024.

"We have slightly increased our forecast and continue to call for an extremely active Atlantic hurricane season in 2024. Sea surface temperatures averaged across the hurricane Main Development Region of the tropical Atlantic and Caribbean remain near record warm levels. Extremely warm sea surface temperatures provide a much more
conducive dynamic and thermodynamic environment for hurricane formation and intensification. We anticipate cool neutral ENSO or La Niña during the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season, resulting in reduced levels of tropical Atlantic vertical wind shear. Hurricane Beryl, a deep tropical Category 5 hurricane, is also a likely harbinger of a hyperactive season. This forecast is of above-normal confidence. We anticipate a well above-average probability for major hurricane landfalls along the continental United States coastline and in the Caribbean. As with all hurricane seasons, coastal residents are reminded that it only takes one hurricane making landfall to make it an active season.
Thorough preparations should be made every season, regardless of predicted activity."  


HF and DX Group Breakfast - July 12, 2024 at 9am. The group meets at Bob Evans restaurant, 1830 SW Fountainview Blvd, Saint Lucie West. Look for the group in the far back left corner of the restaurant.  Please bring your recent logs, QSL cards and awards to share with the group.  (Attendees are responsible for their breakfast cost.)
13 Colonies Special Event
- July 1st - 7th, 2024. It's a wrap!  If you worked the stations and want paper QSL cards, be sure to do it quickly as supply is limited.  A 13 Colonies special event certificate is available. Please see below.
The 13 Colonies Special Event is a not for profit event. All donations are used to fund the next years event, and to defray any expenses occurred. All donations are used for operating costs, supplies, equipment, and 13 Colony Group initiatives. Donation is voluntary. If you have difficulty with a donation, tell us on your log sheet, and we will send you the certificate earned-No Questions Asked!   Please go to http://13colonies.us/ for more info.

Treasure Coast Ham News - Summer 2024 is available here

ARRL Systems Service Disruption
Updated 07/12/2024
From the Amateur Radio website: "Bleeping Computer reported on a Maine State Filing by ARRL. The systems outage was caused by a ransomware attack."

The ARRL Radiosport Department has resumed processing applications for most awards. The systems for Worked All States (WAS), VUCC, and issuing credits for CQ WAZ and CQ WPX awards have returned to service. These award applications are being processed on a “first in/first out” basis.

WAS applications submitted through July 4 and VUCC applications submitted through July 1 have been processed. CQ awards applications are processed by CQ and not ARRL.

While we can process these ARRL awards and update records, the ability to print and deliver certificates, endorsements, and other material has not yet returned.

The online DXCC® application is unavailable at this time and DXCC awards are not able to be processed. Work continues to return the DXCC systems to service. All DXCC data is secure. This story will be updated with new developments.

CQ Magazine Publisher Dick Ross, K2MGA, SK
Longtime amateur radio publisher Dick Ross, K2MGA, has become a Silent Key. He passed away on April 27, 2024.
In 1960, Ross started working for Cowan Publishing Company and quickly became Associate Editor for CQ. In 1964, he was promoted to Editor of CQ, when Cowan Publishing moved its offices to Long Island, New York. As Ross became more involved with the business side of the magazine, he was elevated to Vice President/General Manager of the company in 1976. In this role, he was responsible for all fiscal matters and publishing operations for five publications.

Ross had been Publisher of CQ magazine since 1979. As President of CQ Communications, Inc., he was also publisher of multiple magazine titles, including Popular Communications, CQ VHF, CQ Contest, WorldRadio, Communications Quarterly, CB Radio Magazine, Electronic Servicing & Technology, Modern Electronics, MicroComputer Journal, and Music and Computer Educator. In addition, Ross oversaw the production and publication of CQ Communications books and calendars, the CQ Video Library, and more.

MFJ Ceasing On-Site Production
MFJ Enterprises, Inc founder Martin F. Jue, K5FLU, announced that as of May 17, 2024, the company will cease on-site production at their Starkville, Mississippi, facility. Ameritron, Hy-Gain, Cushcraft, Mirage, and Vectronics brand products will be affected by the shutdown.  

In a letter posted to social media, Jue said he is looking forward to retiring.  "Times have changed since I started this business 52 years ago. Our product line grew and grew and prospered. Covid changed everything [for] businesses, including ours. It was the hardest hit that we have ever had, and we never fully recovered.  I turned 80 this year. I had never really considered retirement, but life is so short, and my time with my family is so precious." 

Jue founded MFJ Enterprises in 1972, after building a CW filter kit that sold for less than $10. Since 1990, the company has acquired several other legacy brands within the amateur radio market. Jue shared that the company will remain open to sell existing inventory because they have “a lot of stock on hand.” They will also continue to offer repair services for the foreseeable future.

Jue expressed gratitude to the many longtime employees of MFJ, some of whom have been with the company for 40 years. He also thanked MFJ dealers and radio amateurs for their patronage over the decades.

Active Hurricane Season Predicted for 2024
(CSU) hurricane researchers predict an active Atlantic hurricane season (June 1 to November 30) in their initial 2024 forecast. ARRL Director of Emergency Management Josh Johnston, KE5MHV, attended the National Hurricane Conference in Florida in late March, where the CSU prediction was issued. "The common discussion at the National Hurricane Conference this year was the potential for a very active year, and the forecast from CSU enforces that thought," said Johnston. "Several of the forecasters were pointing to indications that we are moving from an El Niño to a La Niña and that could potentially cause a more active season."
CSU Tropical Weather & Climate Research team predicts 23 named storms during the Atlantic hurricane season. Of those, researchers forecast that 11 will become hurricanes and five will reach major hurricane strength, as measured by the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, with sustained winds of 111 mph or greater. The prediction is above the 30-year average for hurricanes and storms and is above the total of 20 storms, seven hurricanes, and three Category 3 or higher hurricanes in 2023.
The National Weather Service (NWS), National Hurricane Center (NHC), and Hurricane Watch Net (HWN) are prepared for an active hurricane season. Amateur radio operators can take part in activations on 14.325 MHz during the day and on 7.268 kHz at night. As propagation changes, the HWN may operate both frequencies simultaneously.  
At the Florida conference, Johnston also highlighted the relationship between ARRL and
the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), as well as ARRL's position as a net control station within the SHAred RESources High Frequency Radio Program (SHARES) managed by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.  
"Now is the time to prepare for emergencies of any type by building relationships, training and refreshing skills, and testing and preparing equipment," added Johnston.

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Don't forget to practice your Winlink skills by participating in Winlink Wednesday. Each week a Winlink form will be designated. Please see Events calendar for form details. All Winlink messages should be sent to the tactical address SLCEOC-2 or W4ISZ.  Please contact W4ISZ@outlook.com to be added to the SLC ARES mail outs.

If you are new to Winlink you can start by downloading the latest version of Winlink Express from:


Winlink Setup Info and Account Log In can be found here: https://www.winlink.org/user

It's ok to be creative when filling out the forms if you wish. The purpose of these varied requests is to acquaint you with using a variety of forms and to practice both locating and sending them. Now is the time for practice so that we don't have to learn during an actual emergency.

Looking forward to seeing everyone Wednesday!

73, Paul Horner, W4ISZ
Emergency Coordinator
St. Lucie County ARES

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Treasure Coast Ham News - Summer 2024 Issue
The Treasure Coast Ham News Spring 2024 issue is here.
Treasure Coast Ham News (TCHN) is not affilicated with any amateur radio club. It is free and published quarterly for the benefit of all area hams and interested parties.  If you would like to be included in their email newsletter list, please send an email to:  tchamnews@gmail.comTCHN is always looking for articles of interest.  If you or your club have an item please email the publishers at the address above.

FPARC plans to hold officers and directors elections in 2024. The club needs members to step up and volunteer to serve on the FPARC board to support the club, please contact: Pete, Secretary at KD4SPW@aol.com for more information.

This is your club.  We can not exist without your participation.  Attending meetings, serving as an officer or director, participating in weekly nets, and being a part of club activities are critical. As we move forward to get the club back on track we need your active support and paying of yearly dues.
The FPARC meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month (Dates to be announced)  at Indian River State College, 3209 Virginia Ave, Ft. Pierce, Classroom Building "R", Room 124.
The meeting starts at 7:30 PM. All area hams and interested parties are welcome and invited to attend. 
Club members may get together for diner before the meeting at 6:15pm. Please inquire at our weekly club nets to see who plans to be there.

Weekly Nets
Rag Chew/Traders (analog) Net: 8 pm Tuesdays on our 147.345(+), tone 107.2. Weekly Net Controls are: 1st week - Barry AL7LJ,  2nd week - NEED VOLUNTEER,  3rd week - Jon Hall KN4QQF, &  4th week - Pete KD4SPW. If the month has a 5th week - Dave KG4ORQ
When using ECHOLINK:  W4AKH-R node:2004
Also Web site  WebApp.Echolink.org  (use EDGE browser on phone or pc)

D-Star Net: Tuesdays at 8:30p.m. (immediately following the Rag Chew/Traders Net) on our W4AKH 444.500 +5 Port B repeater, link to Reflector 78C.

DMR Net: Tuesdays at 9:00pm on DMR 31123.  Contact
Kevin, W4KKW

Suggested Etiquette for Radio and Echolink is to wait 3 seconds before talking to give others a chance to break in.

Membership, Dues and Donations *  SEE TOP MENU ITEM ON LEFT
Individual Member Dues are $25 per year. Family Membership Dues are $30 per year.
($5 of your dues goes to WQCS and IRSC)
If paying by check please write your callsign on the check.

**NEW CLUB Mailing Addree To:

Fort Pierce Amateur Radio Club
c/o Peter Amar, Secretary
1046 Trinidad Ave.  Ft. Pierce, FL 34982

You can also bring a check or cash to a membership meeting.

Pay by credit card is also available. Click here Pay Dues Here via PayPal

If you need a Membership Application Form  for mail in - please go here:  Membership Application

FPARC NEWS ITEMS: (please click the Events tab at the top of the page for current events)

Treasure Coast Ham News - 1st Quarter 2024 Issue
The Treasure Coast Ham News Winter 2023/2024 issue is here.
Treasure Coast Ham News (TCHN) is not affilicated with any amateur radio club. It is free and published quarterly for the benefit of all area hams and interested parties.  If you would like to be included in their email newsletter list, please send an email to:  tchamnews@gmail.comTCHN is always looking for articles of interest.  If you or your club have an item please email the publishers at the address above.

Amateur Radio Exam Opportunities
There are multiple opportunities available to take amateur radio exams.

Port St. Lucie Amateur Radio Association offers testing 4 times per year. Additional exam sessions may be available on a case by case basis. Exams are given at the Indian River State College, Pruitt Campus, Veteran's Resource Center, 500 NW California Blvd, PSL. For more information please contact - Robert Brown, AI4RB, VEC at  brownpsl@comcast.net 

The Vero Beach Amateur Radio Club offers testing on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:30 PM,, Indian River County Emergency Operations Center. For more information please contact Bud at WA4ASJ@arrl.net.

St. Lucie County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) needs volunteer emergency communicators. You do not have to be skilled in emergency communications to belong, only an interest in serving the public and county in times of emergency. Training is available. Please contact Paul, ARES Emergency Coordinator at W4ISZ@outlook.com.

VARA FM is a very fast mode for WinLink messaging. ARES organzations use this software application for sending and receiving messages.or
St. Lucie County ARES has a weekly WINLINK Wednesday practice session. (Please contact Paul, W4ISZ at w4isz@outlook.com for details.

If you are unfamiliar with VARA FM you can practice by sending an Ecomm Practice Message using the following: (Winlink Net info:  


Connection Info:
Winlink RMS VHF station W4SLC-10 Packet 145.530 or VARA FM 144.990 at St. Lucie County EOC for radio email.
Also KG4ORQ-10 144.990 VARA FM  in Vero Beach, K2JJK-10 144.990 VARA FM at Vero Beach EOC
Note: You can also use W4AKH-2 for a via Digipeater for Packet.   For VARA FM you can digipeat any station.

John KK4SHF has offered to help get you up to speed.
John, KK4SHF has provided the club a logging application to use for our nets. By going to Logger.PlumTX.com, activity in real time can be watched. The logger includes check-in, mapping and archiving.

John, KK4SHF has written a computer application to use at hamfests for attendee ticketing.
Check out
PLUMTX.COM if interested.
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