Welcome to Fort Pierce Amateur Radio Club
Our Repeater Tower at WQCS Radio Station
Our Repeater Tower
At WQCS Radio Station
Important Reminders and Events

St. Lucie County September ARES meeting
Our September St. Lucie County ARES meeting will take place on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2023 at 7:00 pm via ZOOM. The details for the St. Lucie County ARES ZOOM Meeting are:
To Join the Zoom Meeting open the following URL:

Meeting ID: 528 873 2857
Passcode is: slcares
The meeting room will be open at 6:50 PM.

You do not have to be an ARES member to attend. If you have an interest in emergency communications, please participate.  St. Lucie County ARES needs volunteer ham radio emergency communicators. Training is available.

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The FPARC web site will be undergoing revisions over the next several months. We also will be updating our content on a more regular basis.

This is your club.  We can not exist without your participation.  Attending monthly meetings, participating in weekly nets and club activities are critical. As we endeavour to get the club back on track we need your active support and paying of yearly dues.
New mail in address:
Fort Pierce Amateur Radio Club
C/O Peter Amar
1046 Trinidad Ave.  Ft. Pierce, FL 34982
Quarterly Club Meeting
The FPARC meets the 2nd Wednesday Quarterly (Date to be announced)  at Indian River State College, 3209 Virginia Ave, Ft. Pierce, Classroom Building "R", Room 124. The meeting starts at 7:30 PM. All hams and interested parties are invited to attend.
Will try to organise Christmas Dinner for all.   https://cafefortpierce.com/
Sacred Grounds Cafe -  was Dinos' (BETTER FOOD NOW)

Club members may get together at Costa Azule (2311 Okeechobee Rd, Ft. Pierce) before the meeting at 6:15pm. Please inquire at our weekly club nets to see who plans to be there.

Weekly Nets
Rag Chew/Traders (analog) Net: 8 pm Tuesdays on our 147.345(+), tone 107.2. Weekly Net Controls are: 1st week - Barry AL7LJ,  2nd week - John KK4SHF,  3rd week - Jon Hall KN4QQF, &  4th week - Pete KD4SPW. If the month has a 5th week - Dave KG4ORQ
If using ECHOLINK:  W4AKH-R node:2004

D-Star Net: 8:30p.m. (immediately following the Rag Chew/Traders Net) on our W4AKH 444.500 +5 Port B repeater, link to Reflector 78C.

Suggested Etiquette for Radio and Echolink is to wait 3 seconds before talking to give others a chance to break in.

Events Calendar (click here to go to the calendar)
For the latest club and ham activities, please check out the Events Calendar.

Membership, Dues and Donations
Individual Member Dues are $25 per year. Family Membership Dues are $30 per year.
($5 of your dues goes to WQCS and IRSC)
If paying by check please write your callsign on the check.
Mail to:
Fort Pierce Amateur Radio Club
C/O Peter Amar
1046 Trinidad Ave.  Ft. Pierce, FL 34982

You can also bring a check or cash to a monthly meeting to pay dues.
PayPal is also available. Click here Pay Dues Here via PayPal
If you need a Membership Application Form please go here:  Membership Application

Silent Key - Harold Levy, N3UK
Many Treasure Coast hams will remember Harold Levy N3UY (SK).  Harold had lived in Fort Pierce and was an active member of the Fort Pierce Amateur Radio Club (FPARC) for many years. Harold also had served as club president and board member.  He was also active in Saint Lucie County ARES where he served as Technical Operations Officer.  The club and ARES benefited greatly from his expertise.
Upcoming Hamfests
While we did not have our hamfest this year, there are plenty of opportunities to attend, buy and sell your ham radio items at the upcoming Melbourne Hamfest, October 13th and 14th, 2023.  Click here for more info.

Treasure Coast Ham News - Fall 2023 Issue
Click here to read

Amateur Radio Testing Opportunities
There are multiple opportunities available to take amateur radio exams.
The Port St. Lucie Amateur Radio Association offers testing 4 times per year. Their next testing session is November 4th, 2023 at the Indian River State College, Pruitt Campus, Veteran's Resource Center, 500 NW California Blvd, PSL. For more information please contact - Robert Brown, AI4RB, VEC at  brownpsl@comcast.net 

Vero Beach Amateur Radio Club offers testing on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:30 PM,, Indian River County Emergency Operations Center. For more information please contact Bud at WA4ASJ@arrl.net.

News Items
KK4SHF's Net Check-in Application
John, KK4SHF has provided the club a logging application to use for our nets. By going to Logger.PlumTX.com, activity in real time can be watched. The logger includes check-in, mapping and archiving.

Hamfest Virtual Ticketing
John, KK4SHF has written a computer application to use at hamfests for attendee ticketing. Contact PLUMTX.COM if interested.

Winlink VARA FM For Radio Messaging - VHF And HF
VARA FM is a very fast mode for WinLink messaging. ARES organzations use this software application for sending and receiving messages.or

St. Lucie County ARES has a weekly WINLINK Wednesday practice session. (Please contact Paul, W4ISZ at w4isz@outlook.com for details.

If you are unfamiliar with VARA FM you can practice by sending an Ecomm Practice Message using the following: (Winlink Net info:  


Connection Info:
Winlink RMS VHF station W4SLC-10 Packet 145.530 or VARA FM 144.990 at St. Lucie County EOC for radio email.
Also KG4ORQ-10 144.990 VARA FM  in Vero Beach, K2JJK-10 144.990 VARA FM at Vero Beach EOC

Note: You can also use W4AKH-2 for a via Digipeater for Packet.   For VARA FM you can digipeat any station.

John KK4SHF has offered to help get you up to speed.

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