Welcome to Fort Pierce Amateur Radio Club
Our Repeater Tower at WQCS Radio Station
Our Repeater Tower
At WQCS Radio Station
Important Reminders and Events

NEXT MEETING: FPARC monthly meetings are the 2nd Wednesday at 7:30 pm.
CLUB MEETINGS  and VE SESSIONS at IRSC Building "J" Room 104 or close by

- use  entrance near Hamfest building  -  off Virginia Ave and 35th Street  *  MAP - Club Meeting Room @ IRSC
***  Dinner get together before Club meeting at 6:10 pm at:    Costa Azul 2311 Okeechobee Rd, Fort Pierce ....  all invited.

Presentation FEB 12th: Going Digital - including radios; hotspots; HF and V/UHF; TNCs or not; from your phone, even.
Jim Kerns will cover it all...
As always, All HAMS invited.

***  VE session 6:00 pm  please arrive early to register ( 2nd Wednesdays same location as club meeting) 
       If you are taking 2 tests please tell Jess and arrive early. Club meeting start promply at 7:30.

      Testing directions / Info can also be obtained by emailing   Jess Porter  w4dns@arrl.net

Winlink RMS VHF station W4SLC-10 145.530 at St. Lucie County EOC is available  for radio email.
Note: You can also use W4AKH-2 for a via Digipeater.
- Important *** Our ARES group would like to see all HAMs up to learning Winlink for fun and emergencies. 
- If you have an HF radio you can also participate....  Contact John KK4SHF to get up to speed.

Our weekly Ragchew, Traders and Tech Net  on FPARC Analog Repeater: 147.345 +.6  ( 107.2  Tone)  each Tuesday at 8:00 p.m
**** W4AKH-R  ECHOLINK node 2004  ***** 
Florida Winlink Check-in to W4AKH all day Mondays.  In subject line put: first name, city, state, mode (Packet, Pactor, VARA ,ARDOP etc)
Our weekly D-Star net held on W4AKH 444.500 +5 Port B repeater, link to Reflector 78C each Tuesday at 8:30 p.m.
DMR net on TG 31123  9:00 PM Tuesday (Vero, PSL and Ft Pierce DMR repeaters)
DMR repeater 444.800+W4AKH +5 COLOR 1, Time Slot 2

>>> D-star and DMR code plugs and help available here see Digital Univ Menu Link .
*** DSTAR REGISTRATIONS available in menu on left ... see Registrations: Dstar,DMR,Echolink link in main menu ***
(Fort Pierce Saint Lucie County, Florida USA) is a general-purpose amateur radio club and its over 50 members are involved in all aspects of amateur radio. We make a special effort to participate in providing communications support for public service events, field day and serving as Volunteer Examiners as part of the ARRL VEC program.
Repeaters:  Analog Repeater: 147.345 +.6  ( 107.2  Tone,TSQL ~ CTCSS ). 
With ECHOLINK Available W4AKH-R node:2004
D-Star net held on W4AKH 444.500 +5 Port B linked to 78C often
New DMR repeater 444.800+W4AKH +5 COLOR 1, TS 2   
D-star and DMR code plugs and help available here.
New DStar  Repeater KB4DD   VHF 145.440  -.6   Port C Gateway. Located in in high tower in Martin County.

Club Nets:Tuesday night at 8:00 PM EST 147.345+ PL 107.2 (107.2  Tone,TSQL ~ CTCSS, code decode) Echo-Link Node #2004
D-Star Net Tuesday at 8:30pm W4AKH B, 444.500+   Reflector 78C. D-star set-up files and help available here.
Our Club Meets: On the 2nd Wednesday of the month at the WQCS studios on the Main Campus of Indian River State College in Fort Pierce. All are welcome.
Our Club Web sites: are  FPARC.org, W4AKH.com 
 Membership and Dues:
Dues: 25$ a year, $5 goes to WQCS, Family Membership is $30 a Year.
Mail to: Fort Pierce Amateur Radio Club,.Box 12086  Fort Pierce, Florida 34979-2086
Make sure you put your callsign on the check.
Or bring to a meeting. PayPal Credit Card Processing available on web site.
Link to Membership Application Form:  Membership Application

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