Analog Repeaters with ECHOLINK
Fort Pierce 8:00 PM TUESDAYS W4AKH-R 147.345 +.600  ( 107.2  Tone) 
Treasure Coast Weather Net SKYWARN  SUNDAY, 9PM  AF4CN-R  146.775  -.600  (Tone 107.2). also Repeater NET AT 8:00PM  
Port St Lucie 7:30pm Thursday    K4PSL-L   146.955 -.600  Tone 107.2    
Vero MONDAYS  7:30 PM 146.640 +.600  W4PHJ-R  pl 107.2   
Local HF "NET ABOUT NOTHING" 14.327 8:00PM Jan KK4GGJ NCS Monday 8pm

NETS: Our weekly Ragchew, Traders and Tech Net is held on 147.345 +.6 PL107.2 repeater Tuesday's at 8:00 p.m
With ECHOLINK  W4AKH-R node:2004
Our weekly D-Star net held on W4AKH 444.500 +5 Port B , Refector 78C each Tuesday at 8:30 p.m.
Fort Pierce FPARC Analog Repeater: 147.345 +.6  ( 107.2  Tone,TSQL ~ CTCSS ). 
DMR repeater  W4AKH 444.800 +5 COLOR 1, Time Slot 2   , Treasure Coast Talk Group  31123

also local DMR repeaters: 
444.3500 +5 MHz COLOR 1, Time Slot 2  Vero Beach Indian River KJ4YZI
444.0000 +5 MHz COLOR 1, Time Slot 2  Port St Lucie Saint Lucie K4NRG  
DSTAR  145.440  -.6    KB4DD   in Martin County  Refector 78C
DMR Net 9PM Tuesdays, on Talk Group 31123, connect to our DMR repeater (also PSL and VERO)
DMR coffee net 7-9am mornings TG 31123
Get a DMR radio e.g. MD-380 for as little as $89.00 join the fun.
D-star and DMR code plugs and help available here.
Vero Repeaters
  Martin County Area 2 Meter Band Repeaters
 Frequency Offset Tone Callsign  Operator Location Notes
 147.060 +600  107.2   K4ZK MCARA Martin Memorial North Analog_FM
 145.150 -600  107.2  WX4MC ARES/RACES Martin_County_EOC_Bunker Analog_FM
 146.625  -600  110.9 W4JUP JTRG Hobe Sound Analog_FM
 147.195  +600  100.0   K4OKE OARC Okeechobee City Analog_FM
 147.345  +600  107.2  W4AKH FPARC Fort Pierce Analog_FM
 145.440  -.6 DSTAR     KB4DD   
  Martin County Area 70 cm Meter Band Repeaters
 Frequency Offset Tone Callsign  Operator Location Notes
 444.000 MHz +5 MHz  107.2 Hz  K4NRG K4NRG Port St. Lucie DSTAR Only
 444.900 MHz +5 MHz 107.2 Hz WX4MC ARES/RACES Martin_County_EOC_Bunker EchoLink
 444.225 MHz +5 MHz 110.9 Hz W4JUP JTRG Palm Beach Gardens Analog FM
 444.150 MHz +5 MHz 107.2 Hz KA3COZ SARNETFL.COM  Stuart Analog FM
 443.900 MHz +5 MHz 107.2 Hz N4PSK N4PSK Hobe Sound Analog FM
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*** D-STAR ***
 Have you ever thought about if you could access the Internet from ham radios? Or have you ever thought if you could communicate with a friend in another city or country using a simple handy radio? Or want to send a simple text message, or know the call sign of whom is on the air right now?
  The D-STAR system is such a magical system; you can easily realize these functions without using a tricky gadget or complicated facilities.

*** 5 examples of how D-Star can work for you ***

DStar Examples
Our Repeater Tower
Our Repeater Tower 400ft. High at WQCS Radio Station