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Our Repeater Tower at WQCS Radio Station
Our Repeater Tower
 At WQCS Radio Station
~ Important reminders and events ~
** Reminder Club Dues are Due, you can pay here on the web site - link below -  or mail or bring to next meeting *** Thanks.

Club MEETING  MEETING   and VE SESSIONS at IRSC Building "J" Room 144 or close by
- use  entrance near Hamfest building  -  off Virginia Ave and 30th Street  *  MAP - Club Meeting Room @ IRSC
FPARC monthly meetings are the 2nd Wednesday at 7:30 pm.

***  VE session 6:00 pm  please arrive before that to register ( 2nd Wednesdays) 
      Testing directions / Info can also be obtained by emailing   Jess Porter  w4dns@arrl.net
*** New *** Dinner get together before Club meeting at 6:00 pm at:    Costa Azul 2311 Okeechobee Rd, Fort Pierce ....  all invited.

Winlink RMS VHF station W4SLC-10 145.530 at St. Lucie County EOC is available now for radio email.
Note: You can also use W4AKH-2 for a via Digipeater.
- Important *** Our ARES group would like to see all HAMs up to learning Winlink for fun and emergencies. 
- Also if you have an HF radio you can also particapate.... 
Contact John KK4SHF to get up to speed.

Weekly NETS  
Our weekly Ragchew, Traders and Tech Net  on FPARC Analog Repeater: 147.345 +.6  ( 107.2  Tone)  each Tuesday at 8:00 p.m
**** W4AKH-R  ECHOLINK node 2004  ***** 
Winlink Check-in to KK4SHF or the nights NCS, email anytime before 7:30 Tuesday, I'll read you in.
Our weekly D-Star net held on W4AKH 444.500 +5 Port B repeater, or REFLECTOR 78C each Tuesday at 8:30 p.m.
DMR net on TG 31123  9:00 PM Tuesday (Vero, PSL and Ft Pierce DMR repeaters)

New DMR repeater 444.800+W4AKH +5 COLOR 1, Time Slot 2

>>> D-star and DMR code plugs and help available here see Digital Univ Menu Link .
*** DSTAR REGISTRATIONS available here ... see Registrations: Dstar,DMR,Echolink link in main menu ***

*** HAMFEST SET FOR AUGUST 10th   2019  *** Plan to Volunteer ***

*** Parity Act *** Easy to send  letter here  *** https://arrl.rallycongress.net/
(Fort Pierce Saint Lucie County, Florida USA) is a general-purpose amateur radio club and its over 50 members are involved in all aspects of amateur radio. We make a special effort to participate in providing communications support for public service events, field day and serving as Volunteer Examiners as part of the ARRL VEC program.
Repeaters:  Analog Repeater: 147.345 +.6  ( 107.2  Tone,TSQL ~ CTCSS ). 
With ECHOLINK Now available W4AKH-R node:2004
New DMR repeater 444.800+W4AKH +5 COLOR 1, TS 2 
D-star and DMR code plugs and help available here.
New DStar repeater VHF 145.440- KB4DD Port C Gateway linking not available just for local use only.
Club Nets:Tuesday night at 8:00 PM EST 147.345+ PL 107.2 (107.2  Tone,TSQL ~ CTCSS, code decode) Echo-Link Node #2004
D-Star Net Tuesday at 8:30pm W4AKH B, 444.500+. D-star set-up files and help available here.
Our Club Meets: On the 2nd Wednesday of the month at the WQCS studios on the Main Campus of Indian River State College in Fort Pierce. All are welcome.
Our Club Web sites: are  FPARC.org, W4AKH.com 
 Membership and Dues:
Dues: 25$ a year, $5 goes to WQCS, Family Membership is $30 a Year.
Mail to: Fort Pierce Amateur Radio Club,.Box 12086  Fort Pierce, Florida 34979-2086
Make sure you put your callsign on the check.
Or bring to a meeting. PayPal Credit Card Processing available on web site soon.
Link to Membership Application Form:  Membership Application


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