Register here for Dstar or DMR - check to make sure your are not registered first, Other Digital mode registrations here too.

Best for Emergency Communications:
APRS Signup:    APRS Signup

APRS MAP - Use only a radio for Text messaging to and from cell phones , short Email (e.g. Kenwood HT's like D70, D72, TH-D74a )

APRS Basics - Text messaging to and from cell phones , short Email

Winlink Info - Full Email Client and weather

Winlink Program for VHF and HF modes (Packet, ARDOP, VARA, WInmore)
Winlink Express Program

APRS Link to Winlink Winlink accessable from APRS

DMR: Check User Database - see your registration

Request your DMR Registration: DMR registration Request   (pease do not double register)

Join in the Fun on Treasure Coase Talk Group 31123
Fort Pierce Repeater W4AKH: DMR repeater 444.800 +5 COLOR 1, Time Slot 2

Dstar registration:
First, If in question, Check to make sure you're not registered.  Check your Dstar Registration FIRST!

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Registration handled ASAP generally 1 Day. You'll be notified, but you can just check Dstar database.
If you have a question email me,  John KK4SHF , DONT TRY TO RE-REGISTER.

Thank you * Fort Pierce Amateur Radio Club W4AKH
Our weekly D-Star net held on W4AKH 444.500 +5 Port B repeater each Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. Bridged to DMR.
DStar Martin County Repeater KB4DD VHF 145.440 -.6 Port C Gateway, 78C
FPARC Analog Repeater: 147.345 +.6 ( 107.2 PL Tone)

Code Plugs available here or at  Treasure Coast Digital Univ   or FaceBook

ECHOLINK Registration:
No radio needed. A great program to easily keep in touch with your nets while traveling.
Also cool feature using your HT and DTMF tones to link to servers anywhere worldwide...

Echolink Registration       Have a copy of your HAM license, take a picture with your phone or Scan and upload.

PC or Tablet programs:      Echolink Downloads

Versions also available for your Android and IPhones.