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 My small but effective station!
 2019 Field Day Crew
 test 2
 Pepper Park Pavilions
 kENWOOD TS-890s
 QRP radio
 SSTV from ISS 7/8/18
 HF Hurricane Center
 FL weather Map Color winlink GRIB file read with ZYGRIB pgm
 Vero Repeaters
 More and Longer Radials are the best.
 Fort Drum QRP location
 Remote Kenwood software/ TS 590SG, 3 land to Ft Pierce 59 59...
 DVmega and Blue Stack, Blue tooth or usb tether. Dstar, Fusion, and DMR modes, uses very little Pwr.
 Ft Pierce Inlet Park FL Parks on the Air
 Digital SSTV Facebook for Ham - Hi-Res 14.233
 W4AKH Wires-X Node
 W4AKH Fusion Repeater
 W4AKH DMR & D-Star Repeaters
 First day, waiting for power to come back and antennas tuned up. Used a AA-54, a life saver :-)
 A Solid ground and a little salt water reduces the RFI 5 db Our shack off the beach in Cuba, 3 yagis, 3 radios 1 -15 amp circuit and a gen set. 7400 contacts
 Jim, Nancy, Mark and Roberto showing the Cuban teens the DX ropes.
 2 Smokin Hot Operators in Cuba STEPHANIE WX3K, RUTH KC4BAB US and Cuban team. John KK4SHF, JIM WB3REM, PAM, STEPHANIE WX3K, RUTH KC4BAB
 Testing @ Fort Pierce HAMFEST Saturday August 15th @ IRSC
 The Cooks... W7RCW
 W4AKH D-Star Repeater
 W4AKH D-Star Repeater Stack
 DVAP, Raspberry Pi, Portable Rechargeable Power Pack (DStar Access Point project by N4ZYX)
 DVAP, Raspberry Pi, Portable Rechargeable Power Pack (DStar Access Point project by N4ZYX)
 The base tilted and attached.
 Looks straight to me....
 Old antenna on left and some final adjustments to new antenna base.
 Attached to base ready for ....Heave Ho
 Team work
 Harold Packs the cement base with sand, note old vertical on left.
 Keith W4RPE Unpacks Hi-Gain VERTICAL, 160-6M, 1500 WATTS, 43FT
 ARRL February 12th Newsletter SSTV, KK4SHF's picture
 Russian SSTV, ISS 145.80 KK4SHF
 KK4SHF Field Day


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